Saving the Wildlife of Trinidad & Tobago

The El Socorro Centre for Wildlife Conservation (ECWC) is a non-funded, registered not-for-profit organisation, which has been dedicated to the conservation of wildlife in Trinidad and Tobago through education, rehabilitation and propagation since January 2005.

Wildlife rescue and rehabilition on Trinidad and Tobago.
Tube feeding an opsrey.

Rescue & Rehabilitation

The ECWC has assisted over 700 animals around the country at our own cost. Any animal that is non-releasable will permanently reside at the centre and if appropriate, become an ‘ambassador’ in our education programme.

Girl with tarantula. Wildlife conservation through education.
Local school girl gets to grips with a tarantula.


It is our aim to educate the citizens of Trinidad & Tobago and visitors to the country about our biodiversity, and the importance of conserving it. To date more than 300,000 people have visited our centre or attended our outreach programmes.

Ocelot and kit. Endangered wildlife conservation through propagation
Noelle the ocelot and kit.


Our success with the breeding and releasing of native birds, snakes, iguanas, agouti, opossum and semi-aquatic turtles began in 2009 and continues today. In this way we can help to ensure the future of threatened and endangered species on the islands.