Help Build the First Wildlife Hospital

in the Caribbean!

The donation of a 40 foot shipping container has been our first step in building the first wildlife hospital in the Caribbean!

With 50 percent of the physical infrastructure complete we are motivated and remain dedicated to our cause,

but we need your help to complete and equip it!


Please donate and share to assist us as we embark on this crowdfunding effort.

Your support is invaluable to us!

For local supporters who wish to donate, our bank account information can be found at the end of the above video.


International supporters please click on the "DONATE" button below to be directed to our GoFundMe page.

We Couldn't do it without You!

The ECWC is a non-profit organisation that is self funded by founder Ricardo, and a mixture of kind donations, enthusiastic help and sponsored wildlife events. Every year we host around 2,000 visitors and maintain a no-fee policy, but the centre takes a lot of time, energy and money to run. The animals need feeding and cleaning every day in order to remain healthy and there are costs for medicines, maintenance and educational materials for our schools programme. Any help you can give is much appreciated!

Bird conservation. Rescue, rehabilitation and release. ECWC. Trinidad and Tobago.
Wildlife volunteering in Trinidad and Tobago. Barn owl. Youth support. Education and awareness.

Volunteering with ECWC can be an amazingly rewarding and enjoyable experience as well as being educational. Our volunteers learn hands-on how to care for animals and protect our wildlife and environment. Here volunteers are releasing three rehabilitated owls back into the wild.

How Can You Help?

The most important way you can help ECWC and the wildlife of Trinidad & Tobago is to spread the word - please stop the indiscriminate hunting and killing of wild animals on the islands. If you know any 'hunters' then please let them know that it's not a smart thing to do.


Food Collection

The animals at the centre need a huge amount of food to stay healthy. It's the simplest, yet most important element of rehabilitation. If you have excess fruit or veggies from your garden, farm or market
stall then please let us know.

Volunteer with us!

ECWC runs with the work of a few dedicated volunteers. If you would like to learn about wild animal care and have some time that you can donate to help then please get in touch with us.

Material Donations

We are continually trying to maintain and improve the animal enclosures at the centre, but our funds are limited. If you can help with a donation of materials then one of our animals gets  a new and improved home!

A word from our volunteers & supporters...

We'd like to say a huge 'thanks' to all our volunteers and supporters. We couldn't do it without you! In addition to our regular volunteers we have photographers supply us with their amazing photos, which are essential to our education programme, and the support of local business owners who supply food and enclosure materials for the animals. Thank you one and all.

Wildlife volunteer. Tricia Boodhoo. Trinidad.

''It is a pleasure working with Ricardo, he is our mentor and we are learning new things all the time. He has dedicated a lot of time to what he does and getting us involved as well and having us in this fight for the betterment of our native wildlife. We see so many injured animals that come in and their injuries were caused by humans. Some don't make it, but educating people about our wildlife might help show the importance of these animals within our ecosystem."


Tricia Boodhoo - St. Joseph, Trinidad.

Wildlife volunteer. Alana Joseph. Trinidad. Conservation project.

"Volunteering at the ECWC gives me an opportunity to transform people's perceptions and misunderstandings about wildlife through a positive educational and interactive experience. I am constantly exposed to new challenges but working under the guidance of an experienced wildlife rehabilitator affords me the opportunity to learn new things while doing something I love. "


Alana Joseph - D'Abadie, Trinidad.

Wildlife volunteer. Zak Ali. Animal conservation project. Raptor training.

"I volunteer at ECWC because I want to know how to rehabilitate and release animals to the wild and make a better understanding of them."


Zakariyya Ali - Arima, Trinidad.

Oliver Price. Wildlife volunteer. England. Graphic designer and conservationist.

"I've really enjoyed my time volunteering with the ECWC, and have learned a lot about the biodiversity of Trinidad & Tobago and the threats to it whilst here. I've worked with several different environmental conservation projects before, but never one that runs with such raw dedication and personal sacrifice for the sake of the animals. In particular it's a real pleasure to see the young kids develop an understanding and love of wildlife through the education programme at the centre."


Oli Price - Brighton, UK.